Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Character Design Final

My idea for our final project in character design was to design npcs that could be in a kind of first-person-shooter video game. The idea is that there's a Bermuda-triangle type of place in the middle of the ocean that has caused ships of all eras to wreck, and passengers on the ships were trapped in this place and cursed so that they turn into these horrible sea creature monsters.

This little anemone kid is the one benevolent character in the game, he'll heal/give you hints and stuff like that. He usually hides in dark places, the tips of his anemones light up so you know he's there. But the angler fish guy will also hide in dark places and can replicate the pattern of the anemone's lights, so when you get close thinking he's going to help you, you get chomped instead.

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