Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Deer Boy

Wanted to draw something and this happened... I didn't realize until about halfway through that the pose/character is almost the same as in my 'Origin of the Vine' picture.
I like legs and deer boys apparently okay? Geez

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Some sketches

These were little presents for some friends of mine, to help me work out some art block.
I might finish them up a little more since I like how they came out.

The Flower Seller

Part 2 of 2 scenes from Lost Souls done for my Illustration final.
This is Christian at his flower-selling stand in Missing Mile, looking gloomy. I think this was my first time drawing an actual background ffffff

Laine's End

Part 1 of 2 scenes from Lost Souls done for my Illustration final.
From left to right: Twig, Zillah, Laine, Nothing, and Molochai. This scene is supposed to be in a van but then it just looked ridiculously huge on the inside, so whatever. Artistic license or something.

Origin of the Vine

Dionysus and Ampelos the satyr. Ampelos was killed while trying to ride a crazed bull, and the mourning Dionysus transformed him into the first vine and made wine from his blood.

We had to do an assignment about mythology for Illustration, so being the nerd I am of course I picked some pretty Greek mythology.