Friday, December 30, 2011

The Help

For Illustration we had to make an illustration for a recent movie, as it might appear in a magazine like the New Yorker. I chose The Help, it was a pretty good movie! Loved Viola Davis. Anyway, here's the final result:

In-class stuff

Just some things we did quickly as exercises in Lifestyles over the semester!

And a bonus, fabulous shopping-ready Stephanie-Brown-Robin :)

Fabulous jobs

An early assignment from Lifestyle Illustration with the awesome Kali Ciesemier, we were to read articles about people with strange jobs and make them look super hip. The ones I found the most awesome were taxidermists for the Smithsonian, a falconer that keeps birds from bothering people at resorts, and a sniper hired to shoot birds on airport runways! Who knew.

Oh wow, been a while

I'm sorry I've been so bad about keeping this blog up to date! It seems to always slip my mind. An entire semester to catch up on! I guess I'll start at the beginning...

These two were a diptych for an early Illustration assignment, based on the lonely hearts ads. I didn't record the actual ads (whoops) but the first one was an amateur cage fighter looking for someone to wrestle with her, and the second is an osteopath with the largest collection of mounted albino tiger barbs, oddly enough. What a perfect match!