Thursday, September 23, 2010

Character Practice

Just needed to give some of my characters some love. Theo is on the left, and the middle two are Elander, he crossdresses to preform a singing act. I don't have a name for the last one, (s?)he popped out of nowhere.
Doing a lot of experimenting with pen and ink, liking how it's turning out mostly!

Johnson House

For Illustration class we had to draw based on a random quote we received. If you can't read it on the picture, it says "We had to demolish the Johnson's old house. I brought in the Bulldozers, Shovels and Cranes." So because I'm not much of a mechanics person, I decided (of course) to make it a zombie apocalypse picture.
Also I am not very good at traditional media, but I WILL GET BETTER OKAY

Sardine Kids

In Illustration we were given an article and had to create an image for it, the one I got was about an elementary school in Maryland being WAY TOO CROWDED (like 300 more kids than it was built for or something) and the kids having to have class in trailers and stuff, and not much being done about it. The sardine concept isn't too original but I'm happy with how it turned out!