Sunday, February 20, 2011

Kimono Assassin

For illustration we had to look at some well known illustrators and do a piece inspired by them. I picked Tomer Hanuka and Yuko Shimizu, two of my absolute favorite artists out there, and this came out! I'm really happy with how it looks, there are a few things I have to fix (clouds, some weird perspective bits, and add some more detail) but I couldn't wait to post it.
Done completely on photoshop except for the preliminary sketch. Enjoy!

Sea Lion

Our first illustration assignment was to illustrate a memorable moment in our life. Of course mine had to be the time I found a rotting sea lion on the beach when I was a kid. My dad always picks on me because I was so excited about it, just kept poking at it and wouldn't leave it alone.
I guess even as a kid I was pretty morbid!
Ink and watercolor.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Some digital paintings

I'm in this tablet drawing class this semester, and so far it's been a definite workout for my digital painting skills... which is good! I need to get better. These are some things I did for class, self portrait and my hands:

I still don't like to do backgrounds but hey. You can't have it all.