Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Narrative update!

Long time no update, whoops! I've got lots of stuff to put up here so the next few posts are going to be a little image-heavy.
First up is our second assignment for Narrative Illustration: we had to write a supernatural story set in Baltimore with 3 illustrations to go with it, and a cover. The story's called 'Providence' and here's a quick summary: a man named Chuck is down on his luck. As he's about to commit suicide off a bridge he's stopped by a mysterious stranger, who then offers to change his luck for the better. The only catch is that he has to live life to the fullest and never take it for granted. So he wins the lottery and becomes a very successful businessman, marries and has kids, and is generally happy for a while until things start to go downhill and eventually he's back being depressed because he's pushed everyone away. So the stranger comes back and, since he broke the deal, sadly takes away his life.

So there you have it! A bittersweet story, maybe a bit more on the bitter side. I really enjoyed working on it, though.

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  1. The camera angles on these are really engaging. Nice colors too.