Saturday, March 5, 2011

Space western!

A lineup of my finished characters for Character Design homework, I wanted to do a space-western kind of background for them :)

So the main characters are Dalton, Lady, and Thaddeus. They go on adventures on a space ship? I dunno haha. Dalton is the leader of the group, he's got a complex because of his height and is really confrontational and headstrong, but he's got good intentions. Lady is an alien with a knife specialty (she can throw them around by manipulating her personal gravitational field but skldajhflkjsd let's not get into that), her name isn't really Lady but she's got some weird-ass alien name that no one can pronounce so they call her that. Thaddeus is the engineer, he was a successful businessman that retired with loads of money, but got really bored doing nothing so took up tinkering and ended up being good at it. They don't actually pay him to ride along with them, he can support himself and just likes the adventure.

Cyllus is the baddie of the story, he's got a monopoly on all the trade routes and does bad things? He's got it in his head that he's a guy of high class and always wears really expensive suits and such, but he doesn't realize that he's incredibly tacky and ridiculous looking. No one will tell him because he'll probably eat them.

Anyway, so there they are, I really like how they came out!

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  1. These are really cool Noni! I love the attention to detail in the costumes and the way you used gradients to color them.